For Keeps

Quilts speak to us.  The comfort and warm us, inside and out.  They welcome us and they send us off.  They and grieve with us, and, more than anything, they connect us with each other.  And that’s really what I hope to spark through For Keeps: the making of quilts that soak up meaning through our times together; that become heirlooms — not just because of their ancestry and meticulous construction – or because of their designer fabrics and bold piecing – but because of the stories they tell and the stories they inspire.

Let’s go to that intangible place where we go beyond quality construction, to craft our quilts in such a way that we employ them in our lives — making them not only for their aesthetic value, but also to be part of the intentional strengthening of what life is really all about: meaningful relationships.  That is quilting, and sewing, For Keeps.

So what does it mean to take the For Keeps Pledge?  By taking the pledge, you are making a commitment to yourself, and a statement to this community that you want to refocus your heart and renew your intentions when it comes to your quilting and sewing.

It means that you will be more mindful about using your passion to bring people together. Taking this pledge does NOT mean you won’t drool over designer fabrics or strive to make high quality items.

It doesn’t mean you won’t follow trends or enter competitions. It simply means that you desire even more meaning in the making and use of your projects, and will try to be more mindful, when you’re designing and sewing, of how your process and/or project captures and spreads love & joy in your home and community.

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