Bounty Raid 2 Slot Overview

As a badass, nothing beats a bounty on your head. Of course, we’re romanticizing. People with actual bounties on their heads aren’t always friendly on a cold, dark, windy night. Fortunately, all this bounty hunting hype is about Bounty Raid 2, Red Tiger’s online slot sequel to 2020’s Bounty Raid. At the time, Bounty Raid didn’t blow much hair back, but Bounty Raid 2 appears to be a larger, meaner slot. If you’re in the mood for packing up the six-shooter and hunting bad dudes, why not check it out?

Bounty Raid 2 is a gorgeous slot. Its protagonist is a badass with red hair, a shotgun over one shoulder, and a take-no-crap attitude. Business seemed to be excellent for this lady. Bounty Raid 2 takes place in a wooded village with gold money around, a skull, a lantern, and a rope hanging from the walls. When you trigger the bonus round, the game switches from town to a train pursuit under a dark, smokey sky. Bounty Raid 2 is a nice-looking and sounding Western game that lets keyboard bounty hunters explore.

Bounty Raid 2 has a hold-n-win bonus round and a line-win basic game with extras. Base game action takes place on a 5-reel, 4-row board with 20 paylines for wins. Bounty Raid 2 is more unpredictable than the original yet still middling. The game has multiple RTP models, maxing out at 95.68%, and stakes vary from 10 p/c to £/€40 each spin.

There are 9 types of regular pay symbols that payout when 3 to 5 match. The low symbols are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, while the high symbols are boots, a hip flask, a rifle, a skull, and gold bars. Hit 5 OAK low pay to win 1 to 2.5 times the stake or 3 to 8 times for 5 premiums. Although Bounty Raid 2 lacks wilds, it has additional unique symbols.

Bounty Raid 2: Slot Features

The Bandit scatter symbol pays out when a Sheriff sign appears at the same time or at the conclusion of the bonus round. Bandits can lock for up to 5 spins, increasing their values with each spin. With a Sheriff or Bounty Hunter present, the Bandit with the greatest bounty passes it to the other Bandits when they arrive together. If any Bandit increases and stays trapped on the reels for at least one more spin, Bounties are transferred to nearby Bandits. Bandits can start at 1 to 25 times the stake and no more than 500x, depending on the kind.


Sheriff symbols are non-paying and can appear on any reel except the center. Sheriff catches the Bandits and pays their bounty. No two Sheriffs or Bounty Hunters can land at once.


The 1×4 Bounty Hunter symbol is entirely piled on the middle reel. It locks all Bandits for a Hold & Respins extra round with 3 respins when it hits. If new Bandits hit, spin count resets to 3. On a spin without Bandits, the Bounty Hunter may randomly reset the spin count to 3. After respins, all Bandits’ total is rewarded.

Bounty Raid 2 Slot Review

Most of the original Bounty Raid slot was forgettable except for the chesty main character. Nothing worthy of a sequel, but you never know how life will turn out, and here we are with Bounty Raid 2. Bounty Raid 2 is mostly better than the first, which is good for a sequel. It’s a bigger, more complete game, yet the initial Bounty Raid was lacking. Bounty Raid 2 would fit in a pocket if it were smaller than the first.

As we go through a Western-themed slot, a holster may be appropriate. Bounty Raid 2, a visually appealing Western game with a frontier setting and thrilling bounty-hunting, never forgets. Players may also pursue bounty in Bounty Raid 2. As in the last bonus round, the aim is to land as many symbols as possible to win. Several things have changed this time. One, the symbols might have much higher values than in the preceding game, increasing winning possibility. Boushh isn’t giving Jabba the Hutt carbonite Han Solo for galactic prizes. Bounty Raid 2 uses 2,372.3 times the bet, which is more realistic.

That’s more than quadruple the original Bounty Raid slot’s prize. Perhaps the series will keep increasing the max win until, like Bounty Raid 10, we reach 500,000x the bet. Joking aside, we’re glad for Red Tiger to accept the challenge. Red Tiger improved Bounty Raid 2 for recreational gamers who enjoy greater volatility and possibility in 2020, but it’s still a minnow compared to other Wild West slots. Eye-catching, though.

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